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Customer Reviews

Review date : 19/05/2022

The price made me think a bit but the relief I got after merely a 20 min demonstration was nothing short of miraculous. I am usually a person who takes things with a pinch of salt but I signed up immediately.I only wish I could afford the bed, but I am saving like crazy for it Thanks

- M

Review date : 19/05/2022

Far too expensive

- P

Review date : 28/04/2022

The chair is lovely,bigger than I thought but that is a plus. The only slight problem is the 2 pockets area long way down,I would have liked them easier to reach,so I cant store things such as TV remote in them as they are out of reach.

- Mrs P

Review date : 25/04/2022

Not the most comfortable of chairs. I’ve had to put a double cushion behind my back, as sitting on it without my back was breaking. I’d say personally I threw £2300 down the drain. Only good thing it does get me on my feet easier.

- C

Review date : 28/03/2022

Just getting used to it

- L

Review date : 16/02/2022

This is a very good chair, other than , for me, the arms seem rather low than what I have been used to. The massage appears to work good, although at present I have not been using it. The Driver was very obliging, and polite. I am very happy with this recliner chair, and good value.

- B

Review date : 02/12/2021

If I could have had a refund for my bed £5000+ I would have done

- Ms T

Review date : 23/11/2021

The only downside is the hazard of the power cable stretching across the floor to the wall socket. I assumed it had rechargeable batteries, my fault I didn't question at time of purchase.

- Mr G

Review date : 15/11/2021

I could have wished that the salesman who visited had pointed out that I would have had better value for money, had I bought the chair with the therapy pad fitted in it. The separate pad doesn’t fit in the chair.

- Mrs C

Review date : 12/11/2021

I made enquiries from several providers and Adjustamatic were first ti reply and to arrange a consultation! I took my time about deciding and was not put under any pressure to buy. The wait for delivery was considerably longer than I had been led to expect, so I would have expected confirmation of the delivery date showily before the planned appointment. As it was, I had to ring to find out if it was going to happen. When I first tried it out the seat felt too shot and the footrest only reache

- C

Review date : 01/11/2021

Ordered catalog never received one

- Ms E

Review date : 23/10/2021

Will gladly give opinio when I get chair hopefully in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Apparently shortage of drivers causing problems

- Mr. G

Review date : 22/10/2021

My riser recliner adjustamatic chair has met all my expectations both in materials and quality of workmanship, the vibration mode really helps my back pains Thank you adjustamatic.

- Mr H

Review date : 06/10/2021

I spent more than I intended, but I think I made a good decision. There are small niggly problems which will have to be adjusted to as I use the chair. Potential pressure sore problems but with small modifications to my seating that can be minimised.

- W

Review date : 05/09/2021

I am hardly using the chair and regret buying it without trying it first. I would never have purchased. It does not fit my body shape at all. A very expensive mistake.

- N

Review date : 02/09/2021

As we haven't yet received our Riser Recliner I can't really comment of the quality etc. but we have an Adjustamatic bed and that is execellent.

- M

Review date : 22/08/2021

Thrilled with my new chair ,Have had recliner for years in fact old one still here , to good to rid of Looks perfect standing other side of large lounge,

- R

Review date : 05/08/2021

not very happy with Rep. or service They can have it back its no Better than ones of Ebay

- Mr D

Review date : 02/08/2021

Very comfortable chair

- Ms S

Review date : 12/07/2021

If you want to meet high pressure sales people with inflated prices. For what’s basically a mechano kit of parts. Riser recliner companies are the new double glazing companies. None have met my requirements to date!

- L

Review date : 09/07/2021

Very good all round service from initial enquiry to installation and demonstration of the purchased product.

- Mr T

Review date : 29/06/2021

Still waiting for my chair so can't add any other comment.

- S

Review date : 22/06/2021

Excellent service and very polite

- D

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