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Review date : 29/04/2024

Cannot complete survey as I have only just ordered chair

- C

Review date : 23/03/2024

Oak Tree Mobility. Problems started very early after purchase. Managers refused to talk to customer, they hid behind telephone staff, and blamed the customer for the faults. Steer well clear in my opinion.

- L

Review date : 18/03/2024

I have a leather recliner and there seems to be an issue with this rising up and creasing on seat, suggesting foam filling too soft or leather covering too large to be tight. I'm not unduly bothered by such, but it has been commented on by more than one other now!

- C

Review date : 11/03/2024

- P

Review date : 23/02/2024

- I

Review date : 21/02/2024

- B

Review date : 13/02/2024

- R

Review date : 31/01/2024

I am still awaiting delivery of the chair so two months and just over one week since we signed the order and nearly a month since we completed full payment we are still awaiting a delivery date. The salesman was so very good I am sure he would be shocked to know that his good work has been spoilt.

- T

Review date : 03/01/2024

- N

Review date : 01/01/2024

This was extremely expensive furniture, I certainly don’t believe it was worth the £6,995 for a static 2seater settee and electric recliner chair. 8 weeks to arrive. The quality was nothing special considering the money paid, not even covered for spills etc, unless you want to pay another £99 per chair/settee. I could not recommend as I believe the money paid was far in excess

- P

Review date : 13/12/2023

Not seen any as yet

- G

Review date : 29/11/2023

Chairs are not very comfortable even with OT advice

- F

Review date : 22/11/2023

- R

Review date : 05/11/2023

I never brought one as I cannot afford one they start at £4000 I am an OAP on state pension

- K

Review date : 02/11/2023

Worst company I suggest you don't use these conning amateurs

- J

Review date : 27/10/2023

From start to finish there was no pressure put on us and we had another three companies to see, one recommended by the GP. I needed a high leg lift and a bespoke chair and that is exactly what I have and although Oak Tree was more expensive the quality, respect and advice given to us held us in good stead. I cannot praise the service enough.

- H

Review date : 26/10/2023

- P

Review date : 26/10/2023

Excellent customer service one happy customer well done keep it up

- S

Review date : 23/10/2023

- K

Review date : 10/10/2023

Hard sell.!

- G

Review date : 07/10/2023

- H

Review date : 23/09/2023

Very expensive I haven’t received my chair yet so cannot give an accurate survey.

- H

Review date : 11/09/2023

we have got one on order from OAK TREE MOBILITY, first class service, rang them and with in half an hour the sales man was on my door step this company build the chairs to meet your needs, not off the shelf, 6- 8 weeks for delivery.

- L

Review date : 06/08/2023

Waiting to find why the foot rest goes down with a bang! When sorted they're good. I just wish I had know a riser recliner needs to operate at least 15" from a wall. Cuts the size of the room down, when reclining and needs to stay that distance from the wall. Alright if you've a large room. My room is not large!

- B

Review date : 29/07/2023

Not really happy with It, had engineers 3 or 4 times, still a problem doesn’t come down smoothly, sometimes ok.. not particularly comfortable.

- C

Review date : 05/07/2023

- L

Review date : 27/06/2023

- C

Review date : 11/06/2023

Couldn't afford a new chair but they they found me a lovely chair that I could pay for.

- M

Review date : 03/06/2023

- C

Review date : 01/06/2023

- Mr.

Review date : 21/05/2023

- M

Review date : 26/04/2023

They brought a chair for me to try and there was no obligation to buy. Very pleased with their service. Bought a chair and it has been fantastic.

- T

Review date : 20/03/2023

As we have not tried any other seller hence cant say much about the value for money. We can't say much the order is completed.

- B

Review date : 28/02/2023

disgraceful company. misrepresented the chair they were supplying- badly stained. wasted my time Took weeks to refund the money, should be investigated

- W

Review date : 25/01/2023

I wish I had invested in this chair 4 years ago……

- H

Review date : 21/12/2022

- L

Review date : 14/12/2022

- M

Review date : 06/12/2022

- Mrs A

Review date : 30/11/2022

Happy as Larry!

- C

Review date : 14/11/2022

- B

Review date : 01/09/2022

- P

Review date : 06/06/2022

my husband took a few days to get used to using the chair but now enjoys the comfort from it and the ease getting in and out of the chair

- C

Review date : 08/05/2022

- M

Review date : 15/02/2022

- Mr F

Review date : 09/01/2022

- M

Review date : 08/12/2021

I decided against buying from this company as their prices are extortionate

- Mrs I

Review date : 04/12/2021

Works well. I hadn't expected to assemble it though and had to enlist help as I am 87 and not that strong or able. It is comfortable and I am pleased with it.

- R

Review date : 28/11/2021

- G

Review date : 01/11/2021

had a problem with chair was not as ordered. phoned oak tree sent man out and now new chair being made to the right size. very good on customer service.

- Ms. J

Review date : 21/10/2021

As this chair was purchased for my Sister Mrs Isobel Thacker in Care Home she was delighted with it.

- C

Review date : 30/09/2021

- Ms. F

Review date : 20/09/2021

The seat is hard so are the arms. The waterfall back is uncomfortable and my head gets pushed forward. I complained about hard seat so extra padding was fitted but is no better. I can't adjust the back cushions to suit me. I do not find the chair comfortable.

- Ms. P

Review date : 12/09/2021

Have 2 chairs already & now waiting for a third but this one with massage facility

- Ms T

Review date : 09/09/2021

Predators on the elderly, in my opinion.

- H

Review date : 17/08/2021

We haven’t even received our chairs yet - another few weeks - I’ll tell you then ! Yours Jean

- Ms B

Review date : 01/08/2021

Really helpful and knowledgeable sales staff. Excellent delivery, on time and friendly staff. Good product at a reasonable price.

- Mr B

Review date : 19/07/2021

Good range of fabric choices to suit all tastes. Very comfortable chair delivered within promised date. The delivery driver who brought my chairs was extremely friendly and helpful. Overall very pleased with my purchase.

- M

Review date : 10/07/2021

- A

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